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Welcome to the load securing italian portal!

The site is aimed at all the operators committed to improving cargo securing for safe transport. These include all public or private parties directly or indirectly concerned by cargo securing, as consignors, shippers, loaders, carriers and drivers.

The securing of a load must be of primary concern for all road users, in order to protect the people involved in loading, unloading and driving the vehicle, together with other road users, pedestrians, the load itself, the vehicle and the environment.

Poor practices in the overall cargo securing would result in the movement of the goods in the vehicle in case of an emergency brake or a sharp turn to avoid an obstacle, or worse in the falling of the goods onto roads causing danger to other road users. In these cases the overturning of the vehicle may also be possible.

Load securing failure

Furthermore, failure to comply with the relevant legislative provisions could lead to heavy penalties and invalidate the insurance coverage. Finally, there could be criminal liability in the event of accidents due to incorrect load securing with damage to people, property or the environment.

The contents of the site, organized by thematic areas, provide the essential technical-legal basis for operators, with particular regard to technical roadside inspections in accordance with Directive 2014/47/EU in force since May 20, 2018. Ample space is also given to practical cases, examples useful for operators who are faced with the design of cargo securing in accordance with the EN 12195-1 standard. The site also provides useful links to other industry specific guidance, and a section with cargo securing support forms available for download, consisting of a specific check-list for verifying the securing of the load and tables for calculating the securing according to EN 12195-1.

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