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Type and use of straps

Straps are a securing device made up of elements in various materials, PP, PE, PET, steel or glass fiber reinforced materials, which wrap the load and anchor it firmly to the pallet.

Use of straps for securing the load to the pallet
Use of straps for securing the load to the pallet

They can be used in combination with stretch wrap film or pre-stretched wrap film to increase the rigidity of the pallet.

There are also specific types to be used for securing the coils to the pallet.

Strapping of coils
Strapping of coils

Specific tools for the straps manual application can be used to obtain the right degree of tension. In this regard, it is necessary to carefully evaluate the type of load to which the strap is being applied. Loads with a delicate surface could in fact be damaged by the action of the strap, so in this case it is necessary to use corner protection devices to avoid direct action on the load.

It should also be considered that plastic strapping tends to lose part of the initial tension over time.

The straps application can be done manually or automatically, as shown in the video below.

The load unit thus obtained can then be loaded and secured on board the transport unit.