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Pre-stretched wrap film

The advantages of the pre-stretched film

Pre-stretched wrap film is a very popular method for pallet consolidation and is obtained by deforming the film (stretch) before it is applied to the load. The film reel is unwound through two rollers, one of which rotates at a slightly higher speed than the other, in order to stretch the film.

Pre-stretched wrap film application
Pre-stretched wrap film application

This method has the following advantages over the stretch wrap film method:

  • Film resistance: as the limit of permanent deformation is passed, the resistance of the film increases compared to the initial condition;
  • Less force required for application;
  • Film memory: since the film is wound on the load with less force, the memory effect is more exploited which tends to restore the film to its initial condition. This causes a beneficial effect of load compaction, even following small settlements during transport.

In general, the use of pre-stretched wrap film allows to obtain a good compactness and rigidity of the pallet using less film and therefore with lower costs.

The application can be done manually or by means of a winder. In the first case the results in terms of rigidity of the load unit are lower.

The video shows an example of a wrapping machine with “pre-stretch” technology.

The load unit thus obtained can then be loaded and secured on board the transport unit.