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EUMOS 40509

Test method for load unit rigidity

The EUMOS 40509 standard, Test method for load unit rigidity, provides the test method to test the rigidity of a package with respect to dynamic stresses.

The packing activity is fundamental to ensure safety in the subsequent transport phase. A weak pallet, i.e. one in which the load is not firmly fixed to the pallet, is a difficult element to secure at the moment of loading.

Examples of ineffective palletising EUMOS 40509
Examples of ineffective palletising

Furthermore, the action of web lashings or other securing devices used may be hampered by the inaccurate realization of the pallet.

The EUMOS 40509 standard makes it possible to check the behavior of the packaging in the event of stress peaks, for example in the event of a collision. The accelerations to the load to be tested are applied for a time not exceeding 0.05 seconds, in order to simulate impulsive loads.

The following video shows the acceleration test required by the EUMOS 40509 standard carried out on three drums positioned on a pallet to verify their stability.

The EUMOS 40509 standard is addressed among others to operators who assemble cargo on pallets. These must in fact ensure that the action of any film or strap is sufficient to guarantee the necessary rigidity and stability to the pallet.