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Everything you need organized into thematic areas

Laws & regulations

Legal issues

What are the responsibilities of the “loader”? How should relations between all parties involved in the logistics process be regulated?



Load securing starts with a correct packaging process. How do you choose suitable packaging? How is correct palletization performed?

Cargo transport unit

Transport unit

Trucks, containers, swap bodies, which one to choose for safe transport? Are there any vehicles specially approved for load securing?

Load securing

Cargo securing

Lashing, blocking, locking… how to calculate the securing according to EN 12195-1? How to comply with the provisions of the Directive 2014/47 / EU?

Cargo securing examples

A large collection of cargo securing examples

You find here several examples showing how to calculate the cargo securing, according to the provisions of the EN 12195-1 standard and the European best practices guidelines on cargo securing for road transport.

Guidelines & Forms

Guidelines, checklist and forms for cargo securing.

All the most important guidelines on cargo securing, specifically organized by mode of transport and product categories.

Guidelines and forms


Cargo securing updates and insights

Coming soon…

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Picture of Flavio Della Nina

Graduated in Automotive Engineering, I have been dealing with cargo securing for years, with particular regard to the application of the EN 12195-1 standard.

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